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October 24, 2017
Apiculture Agricultural Classification Guidelines - ADOPTED by FAPA and FSBA

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September 21, 2017
Dorothy Jacks to be IAAO International President 2018

Dorothy Jacks IAAO International President


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January 3, 2017
Dorothy Jacks Become Palm Beach County Property Appraiser
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August 18, 2015
Property Appraiser Nikolits dubs Palm Beach County tax policies “Ugly”
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Nassau County
A. Michael Hickox, C.F.A., Cert. Res. RD1941
Nassau County, Florida

Mike is a native of Nassau County, who prior to being elected, spent the past 35 years as a State Certified Appraiser and Real Estate Broker . State Certified in 1992, he has personally appraised over 10,000 properties throughout Nassau County. Since certification in 1992, Mike has taken over 50 appraisal courses for continuing education.

Mike is married to Erin Hickox, and together they have four adult children.

Currently serves as a Director for the Nassau County Economic Development Board.

Past District Vice President of Florida Association of Realtors

Past President of local Association of Realtors, where under his leadership the board won two distinguished awards "The Fla Assoc of Realtors Board Achievement Award" and the "George Linville Education Award".

Past President of the Nassau County Multiple Listing Service

Past Chairman of Professional Standards Committee where he Chaired Arbitration and Mediation Hearings for the local Association of Realtors which kept disputes out of the court system.

Past Director Florida Association of Realtors, local Association of Realtors, Chamber of Commerce, and Kiwanis Club

Real Estate and Appraisal Instructor for the local Association of Realtors for over 20 years.

Mike is committed to providing fair and equitable assessments and to being open and transparent while serving the citizens of Nassau County


Mailing Address
96135 Nassau Place
Suite #4
Yulee, FL 32097
Phone: (904)-491-7300
Toll Free: 1-888-615-4398
Fax: (904)-491-3629

James S. Page Governmental Complex
96135 Nassau Place, Suite #4, Yulee, FL 32097
Hours: 8:00 - 5:00 Monday - Friday

Historical Courthouse
416 Centre Street, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
Hours: 8:30 - 5:00 Monday - Friday

Callahan County Building
45401 Mickler Street, Callahan, FL 32011


Kevin Lilly, C.F.E., A.S.A
Chief Deputy

Donna Chandler
Budget & Finance Officer

Patty Fentriss, Cert. Gen. RZ2584
Senior Commercial Appraiser

Doug Jordi, C.F.E.
Residential Supervisor

Jamie Vendola, C.F.E
TPP Coordinator

Mike Cataldo, C.F.E.
Valuation Administrator

Justin Taylor, C.F.E.
Public Information Officer

Judy Tiner
Exemption / HCH Supervisor

Janet Gill
Save Our Homes/ Appraisal Clerk II
904-491-7300 Ext. 7335

Jason Gregory
GIS Director

Mike Lundquist, C.F.E., C.C.F., M.C.F.
GIS Mapping / Deed Specialist
904-491-7300 Ext. 7339

Jacqueline Wagner, Cert. Res. RD6940
Condo Specialist
904-491-7300 Ext: 7340

Kisha Smith, C.F.E.
Data Information Manager
904-491-7300 Ext. 7341

Deborah Bradley
Exemption Specialist
904-491-7300 Ext. 7342

Claudia Kaminski
Imaging Specialist
904-491-7300 Ext. 7330



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