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January 3, 2017
Dorothy Jacks Become Palm Beach County Property Appraiser
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August 18, 2015
Property Appraiser Nikolits dubs Palm Beach County tax policies “Ugly”
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February 24, 2015
Ethics Power Point

Please Click Here for the Ethics Power Point.

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August 14, 2014
Palm Beach County ready to mail tax notices: 174 miles of paper

By Patricia Potestades - Palm Beach Post Staff Writer ?

When Palm Beach County ... more


The Florida Association of Property Appraisers (FAPA) is a statewide professional organization comprised of locally elected, constitutionally authorized property appraisers. FAPA member counties represent over 80% of the total taxable real estate value and population in the state of Florida. The duties of the property appraiser in administering local ad valorem tax valuations are defined in Florida Statutes. FAPA, in their professional meetings and seminars, provides continuing education and legislative updates to its members on a regular basis in an effort to maintain the highest professional standards in the real estate assessment industry.

FAPA's high professional standards and strong professional working relationships with other constitionally elected officers associations, the Florida Department of Revenue, the Florida Association of Counties, and the Florida League of Cities make FAPA the leading property appraiser association in Florida.


  • Promote fair and equitable assessments of property within and between counties in the state of Florida;
  • Actively work with the Florida Legislature by providing technical assistance and advice in drafting ad valorem legislation affecting the office of county property appraisers as well as citizens of the state of Florida.



The information contained in this site is intended to serve the needs of current and prospective members of the Florida Association of Property Appraisers. This site serves as a forum to inform property appraisers on important current property tax issues, plan for future meetings with FAPA members and other property tax professionals, and promote the use of this organization as a tool to make property tax a high priority consideration in related legislation.